What Type of Industrial Flooring Do You Need?

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What Type of Industrial Polyurethane Floor Coating Do You Need?

Your type of industry and the type of area within your facility, are all critical factors in determining the appropriate industrial flooring for your facility. This new video describes the types of systems that are suitable for areas within a manufacturing facility. From heavy duty resurfacers, to high performance coatings and sealers, to heavy duty decorative systems, we could build an industrial polyurethane floor coating system to meet your needs and budget.

EPF has been serving the market with industrial polyurethane floor coating for over 30 years.  We specialize in light and heavy duty manufacturing,  food and beverage, ESD and conductive floors, aerospace, hangars, and military/government applications.  We have a solid USA installation network that allows us to provide localized service nationwide.  By tailoring the floor system to meet our customer’s  specific needs, we are able to provide customized epoxy and urethane flooring solutionsfor all areas within your manufacturing facility. 

industrial epoxy flooring AND industrial polyurethane floor coatingCUSTOM Polyurethane Solutions

EPF provides single source, turn-key floor solutions for all manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.

From specification assistance, floor consulting services, manufacturing, installation and warranty.  We handle each customer’s needs from A-Z.









EPF provides a complete line of industrial epoxy floorscoatings, sealers, epoxy primers, and industrial urethane concrete mortars.  The term “epoxy flooring” has been used generically, to describe most type of seamless resin flooring.  However, epoxy is a specific type of material.  There are many other seamless polymer floor materials which look like epoxy, but are not an epoxy resin floor.  These include urethane flooring, acrylic (mma), polyester, vinyl ester, and other polymers.

General categories of our epoxy floor treatments include both epoxy flooring, coatings and urethane flooring. Furthermore, these can be broken down into additional sub-categories of industrial epoxy flooring including high build epoxy floor coating  systems, troweled epoxy floor systems, fast curing, epoxy primers with urethane topcoat, and troweled urethane mortar floors.



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