high performance manufacturing floors
high performance manufacturing floors
high performance manufacturing floors
high performance manufacturing floors
high performance manufacturing floors

Industrial Flooring

for Manufacturing Facilities

For over 30 years, EPF has specialized in seamless industrial flooring for manufacturing plants.  Utilizing epoxy and urethane flooring technology, we provide customized, easy to maintain,  floor solutions.  Through an extensive nationwide network, we can provide localized service throughout the U.S. no matter what type of flooring you need.

EPF is organized into five divisions.  Each division offers specialized flooring options.  These industries include Food Processing  and Beverage Flooring, Light and Heavy Duty Manufacturing, ESD and electronics, Hangars and Aerospace,  and Government/ Military.

industrial flooringTurn Key Solutions

Our expertise includes all types of seamless epoxy flooring and urethane flooring.

Since EPF is vertically integrated, we are able to control all aspects of your floor project.  We provide expert concrete floor consulting, specification assistance, manufacturing, installation, and warranty.  This enables us to control quality every step of the way!

PumaCrete FloorIndustrial Flooring Options & Materials

EPF specializes in PUMA-CRETE®  urethane concrete flooring systems, and high performance epoxy floor coating systems. Our industrial flooring provides extreme durability, including abrasion, impact and scratch resistance and a wide range of uses across many industries.  These floor coatings are also chemical resistant, easy to wash down and clean.  Custom slip resistant textures with our industrial grade flooring, provides a reliable surface, and a safe environment for your workers.

Cost of our Seamless Industrial Floors

EPF’s PUMA-CRETE® floors and coatings are cost effective, and provide an excellent return on investment.  We do not have a one size fits all seamless floor system.  We customize each project to each customers specific needs including specific site conditions, turnaround time, life expectancy, and budget.  Typical furnished and installed projects range $3.00-$12.00 per square foot. Price variation depends on many factors including type and thickness of floor system, size of area, obstructions and quantity of edges etc.

Industrial Floor Coating Installation

We are not only an industrial floor installation company. As a vertically integrated company, we are able to provide many flooring related services. We provide concrete floor consulting and floor specification assistance, manufacturing and the industrial floor coating installation with our own crews. We provide a solid warranty on all epoxy flooring and urethane mortar floors.

Other services include expert concrete needs analysis, concrete slab installation, slope to drain flooring and floor drain installation.  Along with our knowledgeable staff, EPF provides the most comprehensive package solution for your industrial resin flooring needs!

View this brief video on our Industrial Flooring systems !

Selection of Your Industrial Flooring Type

Every project and facility are unique, since every section of floor slab has unique conditions and history.  Well established company guidelines provide the necessary steps for evaluation of your project. Each project begins with a thorough assessment of the existing floor conditions (or expected usage, if new construction).  Size and limits of area are evaluated, concrete issues, failure analysis of existing coating problems, traffic patterns, mechanical impact and abrasion from production or material handling equipment, chemical spillage, thermal shock or thermal cycling, and much more. Customized solutions are developed for our customers, using our exclusive industrial flooring type analysis across many commercial applications.

Project Management – Industrial Concrete Coating

Before the project installation even begins, an EPF “job readiness” form is completed, and evaluated by the EPF project manager.   This form includes site conditions, project window for turnover to EPF and return to customer, temperatures, electrical needs, access in/out of the building, site rules and regulations, customer contact, and much more!  Using this form as a guideline for the project, ensures that the project starts up quickly and efficiently, to the successful completion of your industrial concrete coating project.

Industrial Floor Installation

Our professional company crews are lead by highly trained foreman, experienced in performing every installation following strict company guidelines for quality, safety, and meeting project deadlines.  The “cookie cutter” system we have perfected enables every project to be performed using repeatable, easy to follow procedures.  Our industrial floor installation is performed with the least disruption possible, including minimizing dust, protection of plant equipment and facilities, and following plant rules and regulations.

Concrete Renovation Projects

EPF project estimators provide comprehensive, expert consulting for your existing concrete floors. This includes evaluation of removal for existing coatings and toppings such as epoxy, brick, industrial flooring tiles or industrial flooring vinyl.   Concrete renovation projects require thorough evaluation of the existing concrete, including thickness and strength, cracks, spalls, erosion, abrasion, strength, slope to drains, or other potential issues.

New Construction Projects

Specification assistance is available, to help craft a detailed and accurate spec.   Our expert consultation services for new construction projects include:

  • Analysis of anticipated floor requirements based on type of usage, including mechanical loading, chemicals, cleaning, and many other factors.
  • Project cost analysis and ROI.
  • Value engineering analysis.
  • Recommendations on concrete finish, curing, joint placement.
  • Schedule projection.
U.S. Locations Served

EPF partners with many vendors who manufacturer and supply all different industrial flooring types, from Sherwin-Williams to Florock and others.


For more information on our industrial flooring or a quotation, please contact a project consultant, for further information at 1-800-808-7773