Troweled Flooring – Food Processing

EPF specializes in troweled flooring for food processing  facilities.  These plants require specialized USDA approved and food grade flooring systems.   PUMA-CRETE®  troweled flooring may be installed over properly prepared concrete, brick and tile.  This material is a durable, sanitary, and anti-microbial.    It is designed for the punishing conditions, typically found in food processing facilities.  This high performance food industry flooring is designed and installed turn-key, by EPF.

troweled-floor-urethaneCHEMICAL RESISTANCE
The floors in food and beverage processing industries are exposed to various types of harsh ingredients and sanitizers.    Troweled PUMA-CRETE® flooring withstands food ingredients such as hot oils, sugars, CIP and cleaning chemicals, which can be very corrosive.

Troweled PUMA-CRETE® floors feature a slip resistant surface for safety.  Texture can be adjusted lower for dry areas;  maximum texture may be installed, for oily, greasy, or other types of wet areas requiring ultra slip resistance.

Turn-key floor installation by our own crews .  EPF has been servicing food and beverage processing customers, nationwide, for over 30 years.

A optional  slope to drain underlayment can ensure that liquids drain properly, preventing puddles and bacterial concerns.

PUMA-CRETE®  troweled epoxy floor topping provides a quality, tough and attractive finish for customer tours, and other VIP personnel.

PUMA-CRETE® is the perfect solution for areas which have high impact, spalls, holes, cracks, and chemical spillage, then our troweled urethane and epoxy flooring has the protective qualities needed for all industrial facilities. In addition to heavy traffic, chemicals, and thermal shock, our flooring is USDA approved flooring, and anti microbial as well.

There are many advantages of our Troweled Flooring including:

  • Long lasting, anti-microbial, hygienic finish.
  • Seamless, easy to clean
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Tolerant of cold, moist conditions.
  • Slip resistance

PUMA-CRETE®  urethane troweled floors are available in standard Red and Gray, and are available in 14 premium colors.

E P Floors Corp. is a vertically integrated firm, providing expert flooring and concrete consultation services. We can furnish PUMA-CRETE® materials and turn-key professional installation.with our own crews. We also offer a solid single source, five year warranty.


For a quotation, or more information on EPF’s troweled flooring,  including the color availability, technical properties, or other properties of any of our systems, please contact the technical support team at our office.