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There are many types of Tufco flooring that are used in food processing plants.  Here is a summary of your food processing floor optionsTufco and Ucrete brands are a couple of these options.

PUMA-CRETEPumaCrete tufco flooring® is a water and cement based urethane mortar floor.  It is a heavy duty food safe floor, applied up to 3/8 inch thickness. This flooring cures even in damp and cool conditions down to 35 deg F.  It provides a highly durable, waterproof, impervious surface for food & beverage processing areas.

Our Tufco flooring is designed to meet the highest industrial demands and standards. Tufco is a maintenance-free flooring compound, and the high degree of chemical resistance imparted allows this system to be cleaned with strong acid or caustic cleaners without damage.

tufco flooring - Compare UsThis industrial flooring provides additional benefits including excellent thermal shock resistance (hot spills, washdowns), chemical resistance, permanent slip resistance, and is sanitary.    For audits and inspections, it is USDA approved and SQF approved, for food & beverage processing applications.

EPF specializes in troweled flooring for food processing, for food and beverage processing plants.   We perform a thorough analysis of your site conditions, a detailed quotation, and a turn key installation with our own professional crews (fast turnaround specialist), and an exclusive five year warranty.

We shall accommodate your production schedule, to help minimize or eliminate downtime; this may include scheduling over weekends, shutdown, holidays, or even while in production, if necessary to make sure your Tufco flooring meets the best standards.

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