Meat Processing Flooring Solutions

Meat processing floors and poultry processing facilities must withstand cool and damp conditions.  Furthermore, constant heavy traffic from forklifts, pallet jacks, dragging skids, totes and tables.  PUMA-CRETE® flooring was formulated for the meat and poultry industry.  PUMA-CRETE® seamless urethane mortar flooring is sanitary, durable, and cost effective.   They handle damp and cool conditions, mechanical abuse, thermal shock, bacterial attack and chemical sanitizers.  Using top quality materials is important.  However, that is only half the picture.  Most manufacturers only sell the materials, and then refer you to a third party for installation.  Consequently, if there is a problem, they often end up pointing fingers at each other.

meat processing floorIn contrast, EPF provides a turn key solution. For over 30 years, we have been serving the meat processing industry nationwide.   Since we are vertically integrated, this enables us to provide a full service experience without sub-contractors or third parties.

First of all, we provide expert floor consulting and specification services.  Next, we manufacturer the materials, perform the installation with our own crews, and include a 5 year single source warranty.

With an exclusive USA installation network, we can provide localized service at all meat processing facilities nationwide.

Are puddles a problem on your floors?  We under slope to drain underlayments which eliminate puddles.  We can provide new floor drains, concrete slabs and curbs, and more.

PUMA-CRETE® urethane flooring has the strength to handle punishing heavy wheeled traffic and punishing mechanical loads, scraping, and impact. Chemical and thermal shock resistant, this industrial flooring has a permanent non slip texture. It may be installed in operating coolers.  Fast turnaround is available, with many projects being completed over a weekend.

Typical complete turnaround cost for our PUMA-CRETE® flooring, ranges from $8-12/ sq foot.  Don’t be fooled by a lower price from epoxy floor contractors!  Puma-Crete® is designed for the harsh conditions and exposures in meat processing, poultry processing, and egg processing facilities.  The system is a cost effective investment. It will be the last floor you will ever need !

PumaCrete FloorMeat Processing Floor Material Options

There are many food grade flooring options for meat plants.  Some, like Ucrete and Tufco, have been around for many years.  Both have their drawbacks.   Both epoxy and urethane flooring have been applied as food safe flooring, over the years.  However, epoxy floor materials have many drawbacks in damp and cool meat processing environments. PUMA-CRETE® is a heavy duty troweled urethane flooring, known as a urethane mortar floor.

Typically applied at 1/4 inch thickness, the durability is unsurpassed. Push, pull, drag, drop; these floors holds up to the typical abuse found in meat processing facilities.  It is designed for both renovation and new construction projects.  This food safe flooring come with a turn key project team! We can design your floor specifications, perform the application, and warranty the work with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Typical conditions in meat and poultry processing plants may be at both ends of the extremes. The clean side of meat processing and further processing plants is cool during production, while the dirty side is warm.  Both sides are usually wet. Furthermore, there are oils, blood, fat, and other ingredients or by-products on the floors.

Meat Processing Thermal Shock Conditions

Further processing  includes cooking operations or cryogenic processes that can subject flooring to significant thermal shock and thermal cycling  (temperature variations).   Sanitation procedures such as hot wash downs,can also subject the floor to significant thermal cycling and chemicals.  Steam cleaning, if employed uses live steam to sanitize. This can subject the floors to dramatic thermal shock. PUMA-CRETE® urethane flooring expands and contracts at the same rate as concrete.  It handles wide temperature swings from cold to hot, and vice versa.  This enables it to handle live steam, thermal shock and the conditions typically found in meat processing plants.

Meat Processing Floor Installation

Following tightly controlled company procedures, EPF installs PUMA-CRETE®  flooring throughout the U.S. and abroad.  With a USA installation network, we are able to service all meat and poultry processing plants, with localized service.

Our project estimators start with a consultation, with expert assistance for your project needs.  We evaluate your existing substrate conditions (if not new concrete), plant/area conditions, size of area, turnaround time required, and much more. Next, our project manager will manage your project, from contract to successful completion.  He shall interface with our site project supervisor, to ensure that our installations are in strict accordance with our protocols and checklists.  This guarantees there is no mis-communication, and ensures that the flooring will be installed properly, with minimal impact on plant operations while we are on site.

EPF has invested over $1 million in specialty concrete surface prep and installation equipment.  This minimizes dust, and allows for a thorough, high quality installation.  Turnaround time is fast, since we specialize in meat and food processing facilities, with our time tested “cookie cutter” system.  We can often turn around an area over a 2-3 day weekend.  We have a 4 hour cure optional finish coat, which allows as little as 24 hour complete turnaround, for special circumstances.

Meat Processing Floor Resistance to Chemicals

PUMA-CRETE® Meat processing floors are exposed to aggressive alkaline cleaners, due to their effectiveness on oil, grease, and other organic matter.  Animal fat, vegetable oils, animal & vegetable proteins, sugars/corn syrup and countless other food additives will damage exposed concrete (due to their acidic nature).  The acidic ingredients react with the concrete, which in turn weakens the concrete, and makes it more susceptible to damage from impact, abrasion, thermal cycling, and further chemical attack.  Puma-Crete®  has excellent chemical resistance against aggressive sanitizing chemicals, sugars, oils and other typical food ingredients and byproducts.

Certification and Inspections

PUMA-CRETE® features a hard, seamless, non-porous, sanitary finish.   It has an easy-to-clean surface, which allows ease of wash down and sanitizing. Optional integral cove base at floor/wall junctions, provide a watertight “bathtub” effect.  As a result, PUMA-CRETE® meets strict food inspection requirements. In order to assist with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA),  it is FDA and USDA approved.  Similarly, it meets standards set by certification agencies such as IFS, FSSC 22000, BRC,  FSIS.   PUMA-CRETE® flooring also meets GFSI guidelines for SQF  certification.  Furthermore, it is suitable for installation in clean rooms.

You will pass your inspections with flying colors!

Antimicrobial Meat Processing Floor Properties

PUMA-CRETE® serves as antimicrobial flooring.  This food grade flooring does not support the growth of bacteria.  An antimicrobial flooring additive is dispersed within the material. Consequently, this inhibits the growth of bacterial microorganisms.

Meat Coolers Slip Resistant Texture

Meat processing plant and meat cooler floors may present dangerous slip hazards.  Animal fats, oils, and grease are on the floor. The floor is usually damp or wet. Due to hazardous equipment and heavy traffic loads, the floor topping must exhibit maximum anti slip properties to prevent slip/fall accidents.  With the unique design of the aggregates in PUMA-CRETE®, the floor a permanent non slip texture.  The slip resistance cannot wear off…it’s built-in!    Texture can also be customized to meet special conditions, if requested.

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