Explosives and Munitions Flooring

4145.26 and NFPA99 Approved  Munitions Flooring

There are many industries that handle materials, which under the right conditions, can ignite, causing a fire or explosive event.   These areas require 4145.26 or NFPA99 approved epoxy flooring.  Flammable storage or processing areas, munitions, or even handling of combustible bulk solids.  Conductive flooring is the one thing that ties together all the surfaces electrically, in a processing or storage area.

Dangerously high charges can lead to ignition hazards caused by static charges during industrial processing.  A dangerous event can occur when two situations exist at the same time. This includes both a dangerously high charge, and a potentially explosive atmosphere.  In contrast, these conditions can occur during the handling of non conductive, combustible liquids such as non conductive, combustible bulk solids, or hydrocarbons.  Sometimes even conductive materials can accumulate dangerously high charges if they are being processed in non conductive equipment.

Electrical Standards – Munitions, Ordnance &  Flammable Area Floors

Electrical resistance standards required for a grounded conductive floor, for most munitions, explosives, and flammables processing areas;

The maximum resistance of a body, plus the resistance of the conductive shoes, plus the resistance of the conductive floor to the ground system shall not exceed 1 million ohms total.

R1 (body) + R2 (shoes) + R3 to ground (Floor ) < 1,000,000 ohms

Floor Resistance Example:
If the floor’s resistance to ground is 250,000 ohms then the sum of the resistance of the body plus the resistance of the shoes must be below 750,000 ohms or the total allowable resistance limit of 1 Million ohms would be exceeded.

EPF provides grounding, testing and certification, to meet the following compliance standards.DOD 4145.26M

Examples of Ignition and Fire Hazards

Examples of fires and explosions caused by static electricity as ignition source range from the filling of a plastic bucket with toluene to the pneumatic filling of a large storage silo with a combustible bulk solid. Accidents also occur during the filling of solvent-moist products into dryers, the emptying of centrifuges,
and the dumping of combustible bulk solids out of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs).

These systems are designed as hazardous area floor protection, and explosion proof flooring.  Our 4145.26M and NFPA99 certified flooring provide maximum protection and peace of mind in hazardous storage and processing areas.

Why Choose EPF for Your Hazardous Area Flooring?

We are vertically integrated, with enables us to control all aspects your floor installation.   Design consulting, materials, installation with our own expert company crews, and a solid warranty.  Turn key control and quality.

At completion floors are tested and certified to meet your specification.  A five year warranty ensures peace of mind, and guarantees a quality, long lasting floor system. Your system will be durable, cleanable, low maintenance and reliable. Our floors never lose their electrical properties, since they are built in to the system.  Our floors never need waxing!

EPF Explosion Proof Flooring and Hazardous Area Floor Advantages !

  1. EPF provides a high quality, single source turn key installation by our own crews.
  2. Floors may be installed on weekends or holidays, for fast turnaround, if required.
  3. Downtime is kept to a minimum, to get you back up and running!

EPF provides service before and after the sale, the ESD flooring audit, and certifies that your conductive flooring is safe and meets specifications!

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