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What type of flooring is suitable for a USDA inspected facility?   Industrial USDA APPROVED FLOORING is available in urethane or epoxy versions; however, which composite USDA flooring is right for your facility?  PumaCrete Floor

Washdown and “open food areas” of the plant
Urethane concrete floor systems such as PumaCRETE flooring is  approved for USDA inspected facilities. They can also handle hot washdowns, thermal shock, sanitizer chemicals, heavy traffic, and wet/cold conditions.

Here is a brief video on the advantages…

Areas such room temperature packaging and warehouse areas, an epoxy USDA approved concrete sealer may be all that you need.  USDA floor epoxy is suitable for dry areas, and can seal the concrete and handle heavy traffic. They should NOT be used in wet processing areas, since they do handle thermal shock, and cool/damp areas.

E P Floors Corp. is a leading U.S. installer of PumaCRETE epoxy and urethane flooring. We specialize in FDA/USDA inspected food and beverage processing facilities. Our customers are leaders in Meat & Poultry processing, Dairy, Seafood, Bakery, Brewery/Beverage and all other types of value added food processing facilities. We are a vertically integrated firm, providing the materials, installation with our own company crews, and a solid warranty.

We service the U.S., Caribbean/West Indies, Central & South America. Our flooring helps ensure your floors are in compliance with SQF, FDA/USDA requirements. Flooring may be applied over brick and tile. Extra heavy duty, trowelled one pass system enables flooring to be installed quickly in cold, damp environments. Permanent non-slip texture (retains it slip resistance, even as it wears). Thermal shock resistant for hot and cold spillage (-50deg F to +250deg F) allows usage even in blast freezers/nitrogen tunnel areas, and oven/fryer areas. Chemical resistant to harsh food processing sanitizers. Non-porous, sanitary, and easy-to-clean. Fast turnaround (and short downtime) is GUARANTEED. We have the perfect solution for all areas within your facility!



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E P Floors provides consulting and full service contracting of floors for all types of light and heavy duty manufacturing and processing facilities.  Services includes slot drain installation, slope to drain flooring and much more.   Specializing in PumaCRETE flooring  for over 30 years, EPF has provided a tradition of quality.  We provide a turn-key installation and localized service throughout the U.S., with our fleet of company crews.  EPF has invested in over $1M of surface preparation equipment, utilizing the latest dust-minimization technologies, and ensuring fast and efficient turnaround time.  You can rest assure that the system we recommend shall be the most reliable and cost-effective for your facility.

Contact us today to receive a free, professional estimate on your next Food & Beverage facility flooring project. 1-800-808-7773    or by email at

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