AGV Floor

 In epoxy floor

AGV’s – Automated Guided Vehicles – are increasingly used in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics operations. With the right settings, AGV’s offer a significant reduction in costs and improvements in productivity.

For AGV’s to work to their full potential, the floor needs to provide a smooth, continuous, flat surface.

The surface must also be hard-wearing – unlike human forklift operators, AGV’s often follow identical paths every time they travel a route, concentrating all the wear into certain areas.


Expansion joints often need to be reinforced, as heavy loads on small wheels can impact the edges and cause progressive damage.

Joints also need to be filled flush, sometimes with a special sealant, to eliminate jolting.

Some AGV’s require a conductive surface to prevent build-up of static.

Your AGV supplier can often provide guidelines or specifications for the best floor to suit the machines they supply. Australasian Specialty Coatings has the experience and the materials to help you meet those requirements and get the best out of your investment.



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