EPOXY FLOORING for Manufacturing Facilities

EPF has been serving the industrial market with industrial epoxy flooring and urethane floors for over 30 years.  We specialize in light and heavy duty manufacturing,  food and beverage processing, anti static floors, aerospace, hangars, and military/government applications.  We have a solid USA installation network that allows us to provide localized service nationwide.  By tailoring the floor system to meet our customer’s  specific needs, we are able to provide customized urethane and epoxy flooring , as well as cost effective epoxy flooring solutions in all areas of your manufacturing facility. 

Custom Epoxy Flooring Solutions

EPF provides single source, turn-key floor solutions for all manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.

From specification assistance, floor consulting and installation services….to slot drains, slope to drain flooring, and all types of floor finishes. We provide the installation and warranty.  We handle each customer’s needs from A-Z.

EPF is unlike many companies you may find on the web, who are only manufacturers.  With a manufacturer only, you will have to deal with third party companies for prep and installation. If you have an issue, they are all pointing fingers at each other.  EPF is able to control all aspects of your project, since we are vertically integrated.   Services include:
consulting on your industrial floor issues, specifications, furnishing quality pumaCRETE flooring materials, installation and warranty.   We perform all of our own installations with our company crews.

PumaCrete FloorEpoxy Floor Materials

EPF provides a complete line of pumaCRETE industrial epoxy floorscoatings, sealers and industrial urethane concrete mortars.  The term epoxy flooring has been used generically, to describe most type of seamless resin flooring.  However, epoxy is a specific type of material.  There are many other seamless polymer floor materials which look like epoxy, but are not an epoxy resin floor.  These include urethane flooring, acrylic (mma), polyester, vinyl ester, and other polymers.
General categories of our epoxy floor treatments include both epoxy flooring, coatings and urethane flooring. Furthermore, these can be broken down into additional sub-categories of industrial epoxy flooring including high build epoxy floor coating  systems, troweled epoxy floor systems, epoxy primer with urethane topcoat, and troweled urethane mortar floors.

industrial epoxy flooringIndustries Requiring Epoxy Floor Coatings

Our flooring solutions extend to a wide range of industrial manufacturing areas including  Heavy and Light Duty Manufacturing, Food Processing, Beverage Processing,  ESD, Warehouse and Distribution, Hangars and Aerospace, Chemical Processing, and Pharmaceutical.   Systems are customized to the specific needs on each project.

Epoxy Floor Installation

As an industrial epoxy flooring contractor, consultant and supplier, EPF approaches each project as unique.  This requires our project estimator to perform a thorough analysis of your concrete surfaces and any existing epoxy coatings or toppings.  Once this is completed, we prepare a detailed written proposal, along with a timeline.  Your project is assigned a project manager, site manager, team leader and 6-12 flooring technicians.  A project readiness form is completed and reviewed, which details site conditions, utilities and more.  The readiness form ensures that when our crew arrives, the project starts up and completes smoothly, with no delays.  The project is scheduled, and then we complete the installation.   We guarantee on time and on budget!

Furthermore, we can help accommodate your production schedule needs. We often schedule over weekends, shutdowns, holidays, or even while in production, if necessary.   This can minimize or eliminate downtime for the project.

Epoxy Floors for Food Processing?

Epoxy is not suitable material for food and beverage processing floors.  However, urethane flooring (which looks similar to epoxy) is a material of choice for the food and beverage industry.  EPF specializes in PUMA-CRETE® flooring, which is a 1/4 inch seamless urethane.  These are heavy duty troweled flooring for food processing.  We can also provide high strength polymer slope to drain flooring , floor drains, concrete slabs, curbs and more! There are several advantages and disadvantages to epoxy flooring, so work with professionals like us.

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Additonal Epoxy Flooring Services

In addition to providing quality installation of epoxy floor coating, sealers, troweled mortars all manufacturing facilities nationwide, we offer additional customized services. We offer industrial epoxy and urethane flooring which is chemical resistant, anti slip, durable, easy to clean, and cost effective.  Clean room floors provide the ultimate in a smooth cleanable surface. Other specialties include USDA approved floorsantimicrobial flooring, cooler floors, and even overlay brick and tiles. We also provide expert concrete floor consulting, concrete installation, slope to drain and trench drain installation services.

EPF can handle your flooring needs A-Z !

Epoxy Flooring Options

We provide a number of epoxy flooring options for your renovation or new construction project.  These range from coatings, high build coatings, toppings, troweled flooring and more!  Other system include industrial epoxy floor coverings to industrial poured flooring over cement.  Furthermore, we offer urethane industrial concrete floor coverings, industrial poured epoxy floors, industrial epoxy floor coating, and a number of other commercial flooring options.

Epoxy Flooring Cost

Industrial epoxy flooring cost depends on the many factors.  We request that a potential client provide photos, square footage, and number of mobilizations.  We can immediately provide a budgetary figure for the project.   Thereafter, we can confirm everything with a site visit.  The cost for epoxy flooring is generally $3 to $12 per square foot.   This can depend on many factors. Some of these include the system thickness, size of area, type of removal required, number of rooms, and quantity of edges.

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Additional information on epoxy flooring.

U.S. Locations Served

EPF is a nationwide concrete floor coating contractor.  For more information, including the color availability, technical properties, or other properties of any of our epoxy floor coating systems, please contact the technical support team at our office.