Industrial Flooring Vermont VT

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Industrial Flooring Vermont VT

EP Floor Corp. is a technologically advanced, fully insured and bonded industrial flooring consultant since 25 years. We are here with new innovations, seeking for improved integrity of concrete floors with our light/heavy duty manufacturing flooring. We maintain a tradition of quality through decades of industry experience. We keep a customer-first perspective from initial survey and quotation, Turn-Key application with our own crews, and a solid warranty. We are leading expertise manufacturers and installers of epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring and high performance Industrial Flooring systems in Vermont. Our USDA approved flooring, Anti microbial epoxy flooring systems and thin mil epoxy floor coating  systems to 1/4″ troweled resurfacers to 1/2″ urethane concrete troweled toppings harmonize well in different industries we serve, including food and beverage, manufacturing, cleanrooms, chemical processing, pharmaceutical , biomedical , aerospace, warehouse and distribution and many more!


We are dedicated to provide quality and cost effective flooring solutions to our customers with fast guaranteed turnaround. A repeated customer and his projects, reveals our dedication for services we provide. Also we have efficient and dedicated professional floor installers for every project. We always look up for

1. Surface Preparation:

We pay attention to every detail along with latest technologies to customize our preparations for substrate and flooring systems according to the specified project requirements. As, we believe Preparation is the key to success.

2. Safety:

In Vermont, we are one of the best proactive industrial flooring contractors, with a team of   professional OSHA 10 and OSHA30 certified crew. To streamline our growth we have introduced, a detailed written employee Worksafe Program, along with a stringent HSE Policy.

3. Training:

Crew receive a complete training of Industrial Flooring in VT, paying attention to latest technologies, covering surface preparations, application technologies, equipment handling, and environmental controls.

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EP Floors provides consulting and full service contracting of seamless epoxy floors for all types of light and heavy duty manufacturing and processing facilities.  Specializing in epoxy flooring and urethane mortar flooring,  EP Floors is vertically integrated, providing manufacturing and installation…true single source, turn key responsibility.

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