Urethane Concrete Mortar

PumaCrete FloorThe industrial flooring industry has settled on urethane concrete mortar as the “go to” product for durability, and return on investment.  EPF manufactures and installs a superior urethane cement mortar system, called PUMA-CRETE® 

This floor is a screed applied, cement based urethane.  It is also known as a cementitious mortar floor.

EPF is vertically integrated, which enables us to handle your concrete flooring needs, from A-Z.  We offer concrete floor consulting,  concrete analysis, concrete installation, trench drains, and slope to drain services.  These services are in addition to manufacturing of materials, installation and a solid five year warranty. We offer a true comprehensive solution to your industrial flooring needs.      PUMA-CRETE®  flooring

Urethane Concrete Flooring

In addition to our own Puma-Crete brand, EPF also partners with other leading manufacturers of urethane concrete mortar .

For more information, including the color availability, technical properties, or other properties of any of our urethane concrete mortar, please contact the technical support team at our office.