Epoxy Floor Coating | Detailed Evaluation of the Costs

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Flexible Epoxy Floor Coatings | Detailed Evaluation of the Costs

Prior to specifying or purchasing a flexible epoxy floor coatings system for a manufacturing facility, it is helpful if one can estimate the costs, in order to create a budget for the project.  Costs can range from $.50 per square foot to upwards of $30 per square foot, depending on many factors.  This presentation helps to identify and breakdown related costs for a project, whether it is a D.I.Y project, or one plans on hiring a professional contractor.


EP Floors Corp. is a leading U.S. epoxy coating company, providing epoxy concrete floor finishes and high performance urethane flooring systems. We specialize in manufacturing facilities. Our customers are industry leaders in high tech manufacturing, food & beverage, electronics, aerospace, aircraft hangars, pharmaceutical/biotech, chemical processing, and more!


We stand apart from other epoxy floor coating companies, since we are a vertically integrated. We provide the epoxy concrete materials, installation with our own company crews, and a solid warranty. (Other epoxy coating companies merely sell the material, and contract to third party epoxy floor coating contractors). We are a full service epoxy coating installer, specializing in customized epoxy coatings services for concrete, throughout the United States and limited international locations.


Our urethane flooring & epoxy concrete floor finishes enhance productivity, worker morale, and help ensure compliance with important industry quality standards. From urethane concrete mortar systems, to epoxy floor coating repair, to heavy duty troweled mortars, we customize the solution to meet the needs of your area/facility. We even help with epoxy floor coating specifications, if needed. Our seamless epoxy floor coatings feature enhanced durability & abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, non-porous, sanitary, and attractive easy-to-clean finish.


Options include: anti static/conductive, slope-to-drains, moisture mitigation systems for high moisture vapor emission concrete slabs, USDA/FDA approved systems, skid resistant textures, and hangar flooring. Our experienced installation crews can quickly turnaround an area, to minimize downtime. Fast epoxy coating for concrete floors (and short downtime) is GUARANTEED. We have the perfect solution for all the areas within your facility!

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