HACCP CERTIFIED Urethane Cement Flooring

E P Floors Corp specializes in Puma-CreteTM , which assists food & beverage processors to achieve HAACP certified flooring in their facilities.  This includes industrial flooring, epoxy flooring, and urethane mortar flooring, specially designed for food & beverage processing plants. We have installed millions of square feet of haccp urethane cement flooring, USDA approved flooring.  Puma-CreteTM flooring helps your plant meet strict quality guidelines, which are required by the USDA standards required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), customer food safety audits, SQF , and HACCP standards.

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Puma-CreteTM can handle wet or damp conditions, oils, chemicals, and meets strict federal government standards, and also helps promote a safe, sanitary environment. Along with a slip resistant, hygienic and chemical resistant surface, it also handles heavy traffic and abuse.    Puma-CreteTM can handle wet or  hot temperatures, to ensure a long lasting installation.



Cement Urethane Flooring for HACCP certified Applications

EP Floors Corp. is a specialist in heavy duty HACCP certified urethane concrete flooring. We are recognized as a food and beverage flooring manufacturer, consultant, as well as a nationwide installer. Fast turnaround is guaranteed !haccp urethane cement flooring PumaCrete

Puma-CreteTM USDA approved heavy duty cementitious urethane flooring systems have many advantages over “conventional-type flooring” and epoxy floor coating materials, formerly popular in the food processing industries…READ MORE

When it comes to something as serious as this, only consider a top HACCP urethane cement flooring solution provider like E P Floors.






For more information on our Puma-Crete HACCP certified flooring, please contact a project consultant, for further information at 800-808-7773

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For more information on our Puma-Crete® flooring, please contact a project consultant, for further information at 1-800-808-7773