The Toughest Meat & Poultry Flooring !

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The Toughest Meat & Poultry Flooring !

EP Floors Corp. has “The Toughest Floor” for meat processing and poultry processing plants!  These food processing facilities have severe conditions for floors including thermal shock, punishing lift truck traffic, cold and dampness, oils, chemicals, and slippery floors.

PUMA-CRETE HF is a 1/4 to 3/8 single-pass hybrid urethane-concrete system, designed for the harsh conditions found in these plants. The materials have no odor.  The system has a permanent non slip texture, and may be installed in damp/cool conditions. PUMA-CRETE HF may even be applied over properly prepared tiles and bricks.  This system has a long track record in meat and poultry processing plants.

Poultry processing facilities must withstand cool and damp conditions.  Furthermore, constant heavy traffic from forklifts, pallet jacks, dragging skids, totes and tables.  PUMA-CRETE® flooring was formulated for the meat and poultry industry.  PUMA-CRETE® seamless urethane mortar flooring is sanitary, durable, and cost effective.   They handle damp and cool conditions, mechanical abuse, thermal shock, bacterial attack and chemical sanitizers.  Using top quality materials is important.  However, that is only half the picture.  Most manufacturers only sell the materials, and then refer you to a third party for installation.  Consequently, if there is a problem, they often end up pointing fingers at each other.

EP Floors is vertically integrated, providing the materials, installation with our own crews, and warranty…a true turn-key installation.  Fast turnaround is guaranteed.

PUMA-CRETE shall be the last floor you will ever need!

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