Urethane Mortar Flooring Provides Safe, Sanitary Surfaces in Food & Beverage Processing Plants

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Chemical Resistant Urethane Floor Coating Provides Safe, Sanitary Surfaces in Food & Beverage Processing Plants

Chemical resistant urethane floor coating Provides Safe, Sanitary Surfaces in Food & Beverage Processing Plants
Brick and tiles have been replaced by the latest technology in flooring, called urethane mortar flooring, also known as the urethane cement floor. This system is cost effective, highly durable to chemicals/sanitizer, moisture, thermal shock, and has a permanent anti-slip texture. Since EP Floors Corp. is vertically integrated, we may provide the flooring materials, install it with our own company crews, and warranty the turn-key system. Fast turnaround may be accomplished due to EP Floors Corp’s expertise working within Meat/Poultry, Seafood, Dairy, Bakery, Brewery and all other types of food & beverage processing environments. Anti microbial finish is available, as well as sloping-to-drains, integral cove base at the walls.



urethane concrete mortar PumaCrete Floor and chemical resistant urethane floor coatingsMost modern industrial and manufacturing plants are turning to urethane concrete flooring systems.  With systems ranging from thin mil coatings to 1/2″ urethane cement mortars, there is a system to meet most any need or budget!   Hybrid systems consisting of epoxy and polyurethane coatings are often recommended where the concrete surface is in good condition, but needs an easy to clean, high aesthetics,  impervious surface.  Troweled urethane concrete floors are specified in areas where the concrete surface is damaged or rough in many areas, or the operations within the area include heavy wheeled traffic or impact conditions.






Industrial epoxy flooring cost depends on the many factors.  We request that a potential client provide photos, square footage, and number of mobilizations.  We can immediately provide a budgetary figure for the project.   Thereafter, we can confirm everything with a site visit.  The cost for epoxy flooring is generally $3 to $12 per square foot.   This can depend on many factors. Some of these include the system thickness, size of area, type of removal required, number of rooms, and quantity of edges.

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