The Toughest Food Processing Flooring

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The Toughest Food Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Food and beverage processing plants have some of the harshest conditions for flooring.  Food processing flooring must withstand punishing traffic, often wet and cold conditions, sanitizing chemicals, and thermal shock and thermal cycling.  Our cement based urethane mortar floors, PUMA -CRETE,  excel in these types of conditions.  If you need a fast turnaround, work can often be performed over weekends or holidays. We are leaders in food grade epoxy floor coating solutions.

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Since we are vertically integrated, we can handle your entire industrial food grade flooring solutions project from A-Z.  We start with expert floor consulting services.  We can handle Sloping to Drains, Concrete Slabs, Curbs, Drains and more.  Furthermore, we manufacture the materials, install the flooring with our own company crews, and provide a single source warranty.   Since we have an exclusive USA application network, we are able to provide localized service throughout the U.S.   EPF tightly controls all aspects of the work, to ensure quality through the entire process!

food grade epoxy floor coating

Costs range from $8-12/sq foot installed, for our heavy duty PUMA-CRETE® system. We also have epoxy floor coatings for lighter duty areas, which are just a few dollars per sq foot.

We have over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry.  Our PUMA-CRETE®  urethane concrete flooring will be the last floor that you will need!

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