Pennsylvania Brewery Flooring Replaced, from Epoxy to Urethane (sloped to drains)

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Urethane Concrete Floor Sealer Project

September 1, 2017 –  Epoxy flooring was not holding up well, over the decades, at Lion Brewery in Wilkes Barre, PA.   For this reason, Lion Brewery, Inc, who is one of the oldest breweries still in operation within Pennsylvania, invested $20 million in updating to state of the art flooring, and brewery capabilities, during the last ten years. A urethane concrete floor sealer was needed.

Prior to the updates, Lion had rough areas that needed new drains, improved drainage (slope to drain floors), and a durable, easy to clean, anti slip surface that can withstand the constant wash-downs, impact, and thermal cycling. Over the years, Lion resurfaced and patched floors with the old standard, epoxy flooring in many of their brewery production areas. This flooring held up temporarily.  After these failures,  Lion searched for a modern urethane mortar flooring, and a full service turn key brewery flooring company.  After contacting several flooring companies, Lion discovered E P Floors and their Puma-Crete product.  This product was applied in a “mock up area”,  so that it could be tested, to determine it qualities and performance.

E P Floors Corp. has extensive consulting and contracting experience with  brewery production floors and all types of beverage processing production facilities. E P Floors conducted an thorough field analysis, in order to determine recommended product and thickness, terminations at outer edges of the areas, sloping of floors with polymer concrete, access to areas, timing and duration of the work, staging areas, as well as a detailed cost analysis.  After receiving all of their proposals, Lion selected E P Floors for the brewery slope to drain flooring project work, including a urethane concrete floor sealer.

Glenn Jobson, Project Manager for E P Floors stated “We have seen these type of heavily deteriorated floor areas in the past, at many food and beverage processing facilities, throughout the U.S.  Our high strength Polymer Grout, along with 1/4 inch Puma-Crete HFBurethane concrete floor sealer, is the perfect long term solution for these areas”.

Complicating the project work was a super fast turnaround of the entire project area, during a 3 day holiday period.  Old equipment was removed prior to the flooring work, and new equipment was installed the following morning after floor completion.   The area was sloped to the drains 1 to 2% grade, in order to interface properly with new drains, existing drains, and termination points at the perimeter edges (doorways, etc).

Paul Lauer,  Lion Brewery project manager, gave the crew, and flooring installation excellent reviews. Additional projects are being planned in order to modernize all key segments of their operations.

Next time you’re in the Wilkes Barre check out Lion Brewery (plant tours on Saturdays during Oktoberfest) !!


E P Floors Corp. is a vertically integrated flooring company, providing comprehensive consulting services and flooring solutions for breweries throughout the United States.  Specializing in all types of food and beverage processing facilities,  EPF  provides a turn-key solution including materials, installation with their own crews, and a comprehensive five year warranty. 

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