Food Grade Flooring Reduces Repair Costs in Processing Plants

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Industrial Food Grade Flooring Reduces Repair Costs in Processing Plants

When a subsidiary of the Kroger Co. wanted to renovate a portion of its specialty nut processing plant in Kentucky, it wanted to make sure that the facility met the highest of safety, sanitary, and hygiene standards. To ensure this, Kroger Co. and General Contractor Cleaver Construction teamed up with food safe flooring specialist EP Floors Corp.

industrial food grade flooring

EP Floors, specializing in industrial food grade flooring for food and beverage processing facilities, installed a proprietary blend of polyurethane resins and cementitious aggregate blend called Puma-Crete HF. This is a one pass, troweled mortar system, applied at 1/4 inch.  This kind of material is designed to withstand harsh conditions in  food processing facilities including live steam, hot oils, thermal shock and thermal cycling between -50°F and +250°F, sanitizer chemicals, and grueling impact and abrasion conditions.

EP Floors operations manager Sean Mitchell noted that the Kroger project  “required thorough preparation and analysis to ensure that the urethane concrete floors met  the unique requirements of this customer. EP Floors’ troweled resurfacer is five times stronger than concrete. Kroger’s flooring is definitely one of the toughest floors in the local food processing industry today.”

Kroger’s floors are among its most hardworking assets. Their floors are subjected to constant heavy forklift and foot traffic, and loads weigh as much as 3,000 pounds each.industrial food grade flooring

Mitchell went on to add “We’d say that flooring is one of their biggest concerns in food processing plants,” he added. “It’s important to have a floor that’s durable, non-skid, sanitary and easy to maintain. Concrete, alone, or brick/tile flooring is not enough for a these plants because the strong sanitizers and other chemicals erode concrete.”

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