Drip Pad Chemical Resistant Floor Coating for Pressure Treated Lumber Facility

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Chemical resistant flooring systems for drip pads, has been a regulatory requirement for decades. Coating their drip pads, had become a major annual cost for Northeast Treaters, Inc. in Massachusetts.   A major northeast manufacturer of pressure treated lumber since 1985, Northeast Treaters has gained the reputation of being a top quality producer, receiving several awards for service and excellence.

Their drip pads had been resurfaced again and again, over the years. Each time the new layer started to fail,  another new layer was applied.  As each new layer was applied, they started failing more quickly. As they learned, just like paint, you cannot keep re-coating, without eventually stripping it down to the bare substrate.



NE Treaters contacted E P Floors to discuss a solution.  It was recommended to remove all existing coating down to the bare concrete, and install a tough 3/8″ urethane cement resurfacer  PUMA-CRETE HF.   The heavy duty PUMA-CRETE industrial floor is not an epoxy floor, but a cement based urethane resurfacer.  It handles moisture and thermal cycling unlike any epoxy or any other polymeric floor.


The flooring may be applied in cdrip pad epoxy flooronditions as low as 35 deg Fahrenheit. Work may be performed in early spring or late fall, even with temperatures averaging in the low 40’s.    Cool and damp conditions during installation will not affect the integrity of the finish floor and coating system.
note:  water and rain on the drip pad, during installation, will slow down the installation process.


The completed system will hold up to thermal cycling, drip pad chemicals, and heavy truck traffic. Non skid surface helps prevent slip fall accidents.

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