Floors for AGV’s (automated guided vehicles)

AGV’s and AMR’s require floor surfaces that are flat, free of spalls and rough areas, voids.  A satin anti-slip finish can also enhance reliability.

EPF offers nationwide turn key flooring for AGV areas, over both retrofit and new concrete.  EPF is a certified applicator of PumaCRETE flooring.  Offering a line of high performance AGV flooring, PumaCRETE customizes the floor system, to your specifications and existing conditions.  Their flooring has ultra high abrasion resistance for heavy rolling wheeled loads, and will provide many years of reliable surface.

Electrical Conductivity:

PumaCRETE flooring is available in two electrical ranges:

  1. Static Dissipative:   10e5 to 10e8 ohms resistance.
  2. Static Conductive:   25,000 to 10e6 ohms resistance.





For new construction and renovation of existing spaces–

  1.  201 AGV PumaESD – high build, 43 mil (conductive or dissipative resistance range)
  2.  301 AGV PumaESD – .125-.25 inch urethane resurfacer (conductive or dissipative resistance range)

EPF Turn-Key Services include:

  1. Flattening the surface (grinding high spots and rough areas, filling low areas)
  2. Filling holes, cracks, joints and other voids in surfaces.
  3. Surface preparation of existing concrete, including removal of existing coverings/coatings, mastic/glue.

For more information and specifications:  PumaCRETE AGV Flooring