EPF specializes in Puma-Crete® dairy flooring, slope to drain applications, drains and more.  Puma-Crete® is available in a one or two pass, troweled urethane mortar floor.   It handles difficult conditions found in coolers, tank farms, filling operations, loading docks, chemical storage rooms and more.  Fast turnaround, in as little as one day, is available for short downtime situations.  EPF has over 30 years of installation experience in milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt plants.   With USA installation network, we provide localized service at all dairy facilities nationwide.  Puma-Crete® will be the last floor you will ever need !

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Puma-Crete® excels in typical dairy conditions including mechanical abuse from punishing impact and traffic, thermal shock and thermal cycling, chemicals including CIP sanitizing chemicals, bacterial attack, and wet and/or cold conditions.

Puma-Crete® dairy flooring includes a turn key installation by our own company crews.  Complete systems can range from $8-30/sq foot, depending on the size of the area, and conditions.

Puma-Crete®  has a non-slip texture, seamless and sanitary finish and  may be installed with options such as slope to drains, sanitary cove base and trench drains. We offer optional top coatings, which have 4 hour full cure until heavy traffic and chemical wash down.   In certain situations, Puma-Crete®  may even be installed over over brick and tile.

Inspections and Audits for Dairy Process Flooring

Puma-Crete®  flooring helps your plant meet strict quality guidelines, mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  Our sanitary, anti microbialchemical resistant flooring features a long-lasting, slip resistant surface.  It is unaffected by chemicals & sanitizers, and inhibits the growth of bacteria.   This seamless, USDA approved and SQF approved non porous floor finish is easy-to-cleanThis will be the last floor you shall ever need to install, to comply with all food safety audits.   You will pass your inspections with flying colors!

Anti Microbial and Cleaning Properties

The surface of our Puma-Crete® flooring does NOT promote the growth of bacteria.  In fact, the anti microbial additive within the system inhibits growth of bacterial organisms.  Along with a floor that is easy to wash down, sanitize and easy to clean, this provides an secondary level of protection against pathogens on our flooring.

Puma-Crete® Dairy Flooring Materials

Puma-CretePumaCrete Floor® HF and HFB are water based 1/4 to 3/8 inch, troweled urethane floor.  The materials are virtually odor free.  Dairy processors need not worry about odor getting into their product or ingredients, while a floor is being installed.  The flooring is moisture tolerant, which allows it to be installed over damp concrete. Along with customer helping to minimize water leaks and drips during the installation, this flooring can be installed quickly and efficiently, with a fast turnaround.  Our HF one pass system allows areas to be turned around in as little as 24 hrs.

Two pass system, called HFB, incorporates a broadcast silica layer, with a liquid applied polymeric lock coat.  The lock coat provides a glossy, stain resistant, more cleanable finish.  This top coat is available in polyaspartic version, which dries hard and chemical resistant in 4 hours, at 70 degrees F.

Thermal Shock in Dairy Plants

Typical conditions in dairy facilities may be at both extremes;  cold conditions in the dairy coolers, with warm conditions in the processing and raw milk and intake side.    This creates potential for thermal shock, and thermal cycling of the floors, in all areas of the plant.   Traditionally, the old school approach would be to install brick flooring, since brick handles the thermal shock extremely well.  Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, is sensitive to thermal shock.    This scenario created an opportunity for Puma-Crete® , since it handles hot spills or washdowns in coolers, while also handling live steam and hot washdowns in the remainder of the plant.   As opposed to brick, Puma-Crete® is perfectly designed for renovation projects.  It can be installed around legs of equipment, under tanks, and other areas with low clearance. Often, we are even able to handle re-surfacing of the brick or tile with our flooring (contact our Project Estimators for more information).

Chemical Resistance for Dairy Flooring

Dairy processing floors are exposed to aggressive acids and alkaline chemical cleaners, including aggressive CIP chemicals.  Our flooring handles typical nitric and phosphoric acid concentrations, typically found in processing and chemical storage areas.  Additionally, milk,  and other ingredients break down on the floor, forming acidic byproducts which can damage concrete.  Puma-Crete® protects the concrete from oils and chemical deterioration, while handling impact, abrasion and thermal cycling. As compared to acrylic, epoxy, and other conventional seamless flooring, Puma-Crete® floors are designed for harsh conditions!

Anti Slip Properties of Our Dairy Cooler Flooring

Wet dairy cooler flooring can present a slip issue, which can lead to serious injuries and lawsuits.   Puma-Crete®  floors maintain excellent slip resistance properties for the life of the system.  Anti slip aggregate is “built in” through the full thickness of the floor.  As the floor wears over the years, new aggregate is exposed, provided unlimited anti slip properties.  A textured floor surface can enhance productivity, and boost worker morale.  Additionally, textures can be customized to provide an optimum combination of cleanability, and slip resistance, especially in loading docks where crates must be manually slid across the floors.

Installation of Dairy Flooring

Puma-Crete® materials are not merely sold to an third party who may no experience working with their materials in a dairy.  We handle every aspect of the project, from A-Z, with our own forces.  EPF provides turn key materials, installation with our own crews, and a solid five year warranty. Our installation process begins with proper planning.  A job readiness form is completed, which reviews the conditions at the facility.  This includes extensive detail of available power, access to the building, staging area, adjacent operations, and much much more.  We review the installation schedule and hours, to ensure that the work is completed on time.

Every project has a EPF project estimator, project manager, site manager, team leader, and experienced flooring technicians.  This chain of command ensures that all of the proper procedures are followed, and there is oversight throughout the process.  Our crews follow EPF time tested checklists of proper concrete preparation and installation procedures.  These were developed over the years, and help ensure that your project will be completed with the highest quality standards, and that your flooring will last for years to come.  This is one of the reasons that we can offer a 5 year warranty on our installed systems, which is the longest in the industry.

Check out this brief video on Puma-Crete® dairy flooring.