Urethane & Polyurethane Floors

urethane polyurethane flooringThere are four main categories of industrial urethane floors. Please select the one you are interested in:

  1. Industrial urethane thin mil coating systems.
  2. Troweled Urethane Mortar (Processing Areas:  Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, etc.)
  3. Polyaspartic (fast curing, low odor) coatings.
  4. Moisture mitigation systems for concrete with vapor emission issues.

There are many, many types of polyurethane (also known as urethane) resin flooring systems.  For industrial and manufacturing operations, you may need two (or even three) different urethane floors, depending on operations in different areas of the plant.

Note:  All of our urethanes are very low odor, or completely odor free.

In a dry (or mostly dry) production area, with existing concrete in decent condition, a liquid applied roll on system (thin mil system) would seal the concrete, provide an enhanced, highly aesthetic, cleanable surface, and moderate chemical protection.  For example;  in a wet food or beverage processing environment, a troweled urethane mortar shall provide all the protection needed in this type of area, including maximum toughness, chemical resistance, moisture tolerance, and resistance to cool (or hot) conditions.  Thermal shock and thermal cycling protection are “built” in to this system.

A third type of urethane, is a polyaspartic resin.  This type of coating is fast curing ( 1hour cure), chemical resistant and highly durable.  There is no odor associated with this fast curing urethane.

For floors with concrete moisture issues, a fourth option is a moisture mitigation flooring underlayment.   This flooring shall prevent concrete moisture from damaging floor coatings and toppings that are applied to the floor.  It provides an intermediate barrier to prevent floor coatings and topping failures, including peeling/delamination, bubbling, and breakage.

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For a quotation, or more information, including the color availability, technical properties, or other properties of our urethane floors or any of our systems, please contact the technical support team at our office.